Fusion is produced by SummitMedia Entertainment.
Summit has an unwavering commitment to serving the local and global communities in each of our 36 owned and operated radio stations. With five million listeners, event and online audiences, we inform and entertain daily with multiple genre leaders in all of our markets and the top four stations in our home market of Birmingham.

Fusion is the gathering of passionate, innovators and leaders who challenge the status quo, honor achievement and celebrate diversity.

This is our tenth year recognizing the spirit, creativity and resourcefulness of Birmingham’s brightest minority and female business leadership. The heralded Best in Minority Business Awards has recognized leaders in their field and shared their stories to motivate another generation of leaders.

Fusion will host a lunch/talk followed by breakout discussions, networking sessions, awards reception and guest star performance fused in a one day unforgettable experience May 5th, 2017. 

Fusion forwards our thinking, our cities and our world.

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